Best Apps to Track Mobile Numbers

You might want to keep track of someone’s mobile number for various reasons. On one hand, you may need to ensure the safety of your loved ones or monitor children’s whereabouts. And on the other hand, you can use it for business purposes like managing delivery staff or tracking employees’ productivity.

So if you are looking for some apps to track mobile numbers or want to get the details of the targeted number, you can try Best Apps to Track Mobile Numbers

Best Apps to track mobile numbers

Best Apps to track mobile numbers

Here is the list of the best track mobile numbers:


You can use the Truecaller app to see who’s calling you, even if their number isn’t saved in your phone contacts. This feature helps you identify unknown callers. The app also blocks spam calls automatically, so you don’t get disturbed by unwanted calls. And if required, you can record phone calls directly through Truecaller for personal or business needs.

Some good things about Truecaller:

  • It identifies and blocks spam callers effectively
  • Helps recognize unknown caller numbers
  • Allows you to record calls
  • You can check in real-time if the number is talking to anyone over the call

And some not-so-good things:

  • There are privacy concerns about sharing contact data
  • The free version shows ads which can be annoying
  • Call recording may not be legal everywhere.


This monitoring app is mainly for parents who want to keep an eye on their kids’ phone activities and locations. With mSpy, you get detailed reports on calls, messages, app usage (like WhatsApp, and Facebook) and real-time location tracking of your child’s phone.

Some good things about mSpy:

  • Provides full monitoring of target device activities
  • User-friendly interface with extensive features
  • Effective for parental control and safety tracking

And some not-so-good things:

  • You need consent, or else covert use raises legal issues
  • Subscription costs can be higher than other apps
  • Installing it requires access to the target device

Mobile Number Locator

Using this app you can locate someone’s geographic position through GPS tracking of their mobile number. Its key features are:

  • GPS Tracking – You can find the real-time location of a phone number when a call is going on.
  • Call Logs – It shows you the detailed log of all incoming and outgoing calls.

Some good points about this app:

  • Provides accurate location through GPS
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface
  • Quickly check someone’s location during a call

And some not-so-good points:

  • May not work properly on all devices
  • Limited features apart from tracking and call logs
  • Location accuracy can be affected in certain areas due to GPS dependence


This app is designed for careful surveillance. It stays completely hidden on the target phone while tracking calls, messages, and activities across various social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. Parents can use it to monitor their kids’ phone usage secretly. Employers can also use it to keep an eye on staff without their knowledge.

Some good points about Hoverwatch:

  • Remains undetected in stealth mode
  • Tracks call, messages, and social media
  • Useful for parental monitoring and employee compliance

And some not-so-good points:

  • Raises ethical concerns about secret surveillance
  • Needs to be used carefully to stay within legal boundaries
  • Can be considered intrusive if discovered, affecting trust


FlexiSPY is the best mobile tracking app market with its advanced surveillance features. It offers unique features such as call interception, where you can listen in on live phone calls, and ambient recording.

This ambient recording allows the microphone on the target device to be activated remotely to record conversations happening around the phone. These features are designed for users who need more in-depth monitoring options

Some good points

  • It offers advanced monitoring features that are not available in most other apps
  • It has an ambient recording for comprehensive surveillance
  • Suitable for detailed legal investigations and complex personal monitoring scenarios

And some not-so-good points:

  • High cost compared to other tracking applications
  • A complex installation process that may require technical knowledge
  • Ethical and legal implications must be carefully considered


Spyzie is another good mobile tracking app that offers many monitoring features. Apart from tracking location, calls and messages, it also lets you access social media activities and browser history on the target device.

A unique capability of Spyzie is that it can monitor app usage and keystroke logging. This allows detailed tracking of how the device is being used.

The good aspects of Spyzie:

  • Provides detailed monitoring including keystroke logging
  • Gives real-time data updates and comprehensive reports
  • User-friendly interface for easy access to information

The not-so-good aspects:

  • Some advanced features require rooting/jailbreaking the device
  • Premium features come at a higher price point
  • Monitoring requires legal consent to avoid ethical issues


Cerberus is known for its anti-theft security for mobile devices. Its many good features allow you to remotely control a lost or stolen phone – you can lock it, wipe data, take pictures/recordings through the phone and more.

The app also sends alerts if the SIM card is changed. And it can display recovery messages on the phone’s screen.

The good aspects of Cerberus:

  • Offers robust anti-theft features with remote control options
  • Can remotely lock or wipe data to protect information
  • Alerts on SIM changes and shows recovery messages

The not-so-good aspects:

  • Mainly useful for lost/stolen devices, not regular monitoring
  • Requires a paid subscription for full access
  • Limited functionality for broader tracking needs like parental monitoring


Life360 is an app designed primarily for family safety and location sharing. Its main features revolve around:

  • Real-time GPS Tracking – Shows the current location of your family members
  • Location History – Provides a log of where they have been
  • Geofencing Alerts – Notifies you when someone arrives or leaves designated areas like home, school, work, etc.

The app also has additional safety capabilities like crash detection, roadside assistance, and emergency response options.

Some good points about Life360:

  • Keeps you informed about family members’ whereabouts for their safety
  • Offers helpful extras like crash alerts and assistance during emergencies
  • User-friendly interface suitable for families to monitor each other

Some not-so-good aspects:

  • Constant location tracking could be considered privacy intrusive
  • Access to premium features requires a paid subscription
  • Continuous GPS usage may drain your phone’s battery faster

Why do you need a Mobile Number Tracking Tool?

Why do you need a Mobile Number Tracking Tool?

Let me explain some main reasons why you require mobile number tracking:

Safety Concerns: You can use mobile tracking to know the real-time location of yourself or your family members. This comes in handy during potentially risky situations or when someone is in an unfamiliar place.

Keeping an Eye on Children: As a parent, you can track your children’s mobile numbers to know where they are – whether at school, a friend’s place or on a field trip.

Elderly Family Members: For elderly relatives, especially those with conditions like Alzheimer’s, tracking their mobile can quickly alert you if they get disoriented and lost. You can then promptly locate them.

Emergency Response: During emergencies, quickly identifying the caller’s location is important. Mobile tracking helps for the emergency services to reach you faster.

Recovering Lost/Stolen Phones: If your phone gets misplaced or stolen, you can use the tracking app to locate it and secure your data from unauthorized access.

Travel Safety: While travelling to new places, mobile tracking acts as a safety net.

Fraud Prevention: Companies can use mobile tracking to verify if transaction locations match the user’s geographic patterns and detect fraudulent activities.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

When it comes to using mobile tracking apps, you should follow legal and ethical guidelines. Here are some points to keep in mind:

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Consent is Mandatory
You must get explicit consent from someone before tracking their mobile device. In many regions, secretly installing a tracking app can land you in legal trouble like criminal charges or civil cases.

Lawful Usage Only
Only use these apps for legitimate purposes as permitted by law – like parental monitoring of minors, or employers tracking company-owned devices with employee consent.

Respect Privacy
Even with consent, avoid excessive monitoring that could break someone’s privacy. Limit tracking to what is reasonably required. Don’t breach trust.

Maintain Transparency
Be open about how you use the tracking app – what data is collected, who can access it, etc. Transparency promotes trust and ethical technology usage.


Mobile tracking apps and tools definitely ensure your safety and security. But you should use them within legal and ethical limits. Don’t just look at an app’s features and start using it without knowing the proper use and laws. You should also consider your specific needs and the laws around monitoring.

Before choosing a mobile tracker, review the privacy and monitoring laws in your area carefully. Ensure you use it legally, ethically, and with full consent from those involved.

You can share your experiences with mobile tracking apps in the comments. Your insights can guide others in using these tools properly to maintain safety and privacy in our digital world.